Meet and C Conference

NewTelco BV provides the teleconferencing service for Meet and C.

Meet and C about this cooperation:

"Remote collaboraton becomes easier with Meet and C Conference. Meet and C offers different teleconferencing features: advantageous because of the use of local access numbers, simple and instantaniously (24/7) ready for use. There are no limits on the number of participants and the duration of teleconferences. Costs are charged to the organizer. Conference calls can be recorded free of charge. Meet and C Conferencing is offered in cooperation with newConference, the most advanced teleconference provider in the Netherlands."

Strategic cooperation Meet and C en NewTelco

About Meet and C

Meet and C is an initiative of Ingrid Cantrijn. Ingrid founded the agency Cantrijn 20 years ago, a support desk for organizations that have chosen for for flexible outsourcing their office and staff duties. With currently over 40 employees spread across offices in Gorinchem and Utrecht, the Cantrijn Group offers a wide range of support services and facilities to dozens of professional associations, foundations, project and network organizations and entrepreneurs, both with national and regional focus.

Strategic cooperation Meet and C en NewTelco

Over NewTelco

NewTelco expertized in the development and provisioning of smart conference call services. NewConference is the flagship in the portfolio of NewTelco.

The reliable and proven technology of traditional telephony results in the best quality possible. We apply the newest internet technology to make our services easy to use and price worthy.