Teminar: voor professionele teleseminars

For teleseminars and webinars

Sometimes doing business in an electronic world with distant customer contact is hard. It is not easy to obtain full confidence of your prospects with the lack of a personal relationship. A teleseminar, teleclass or teletraining bridges the gap between e-mail and a presentation at location. A teleseminar is a cheap and convenient solution for interactive sessions with prospects or trainees.

There are many reasons to organize a teleseminar:

  • You develop a personal relationship with your prospects or trainees.
  • A teleseminar bridges the gap between e-mail marketing and live seminars.
  • You can answer questions immediately.
  • Unlimited geographic coverage.

Teminar Webclass: sharing a presentation, webcam or desktop

Webclass enables the speaker to share a presentation, his webcam or desktop: your teleseminar becomes a webinar. It also offers a chat window for even more interactivity. The phone is used to guarantee perfect audio quality.

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