Konferenco: for professional teleconferencing

Free or flat rate teleconferencing

Konferenco is the simple solution for conferencing any time any place. We offer excellent audio quality at low prices. Konferenco is free up to three lines. The other Konferenco accounts have a small fixed monthly fee so you will never face any surprises.

Why Konferenco?

  • Simple: permanent access codes, no reservations.
  • No hassle: no operator assistence required.
  • Price worthy: unlimited teleconferencing with up to 10 participants for only € 19,95 per month (Konferenco Medium account).
  • Or even free: the Konferenco Free account offers unlimited teleconferencing with up to 3 participants.
  • Local access numbers in several countries.

For more information visit https://www.konferenco.com/nl