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Teleconferencing services

NewTelco specializes in the development and provisioning of smart conference call services since 2005. The reliable and proven technology of traditional telephony results in the best quality possible. In addition we apply the newest internet technology to make our services easy to use.


All our services are own developments and managed by ourselves. Our ITC-infrastructure is redundant which translates into a service that is practically always available.

Transparent and accessible

All product and price information can be found on the websites of the various services. Questions or complaints are being resolved within one working day.

NewConference: Conference calls for businesses

Conference calling for businesses

NewConference is a high quality and professional conference call service for demanding users. It is the most advanced and best priced service on the market. Good examples of some special features are the Control Panel and the ability to record conference calls.

Konferenco: Conference calls for businesses

Professional conference calling

It may be that you don't need the extensive features of newConference. But you do appreciate premium quality service. In that case Konferenco is the perfect solution. Simply good value!

Teminar: for Teleseminars and webinars

Teleseminars and webinars

Teminar is the perfect solution for trainers, sellers and coaches that want live interaction with larger groups op people. The Teminar Control Panel empowers the speaker with overview and control. Resulting in better presentations and better experiences for participants. Presentations and for example the speakers webcam can be shared.

Private Meeting: group calls for families and friends

Group calls for families and friends

Families, friends and club members that want to talk together use Private Meeting. This simple service with an excellent audio quality is offered at a very affordable rate. Private Meeting is only available in the Netherlands.